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Connel Williams joins Evolito as Head of Controller Engineering

Evolito, the world-leading pioneer of electric propulsion systems for the aerospace, UAV and UAM markets, has appointed Connel Williams as Head of Controller Engineering.


We’re proud to have supported Evolito in making this key hire – a highly specialised requirement, demanding a rare combination of skills that we knew would prove challenging to find.


Connel’s appointment is, therefore, an exciting one. He brings a wealth of experience in the design of electric motors, electric drives, and motor control software, as well as mechatronic systems engineering; making him the ideal candidate to take on this crucial senior leadership role.


Evolito is working on some of the most groundbreaking projects in aerospace, defining the future of air travel. Upscale Partners has supported Evolito’s growth from the outset, helping them make a series of key hires including Matthew Farides as VP of US Business Development, Richard Ormandy as Director of Operations, Mukesh Patel as Chief Engineer, Simon Wright as Director of Programme Management, and James Wilby as Head of IT.

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