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Building a team to power electric flight

In 2021, Evolito was spun out of YASA (the world-leading pioneer of automotive axial-flux electric motors), to exclusively commercialise YASA’s next-generation electric motor technology for the aerospace market.

Drawing on the experience of the team that led YASA from start-up to a successful sale to Mercedes Benz, Evolito was ready to accelerate its own scaleup journey from the outset.

With unique disruptive technology, committed investors, and a proven leadership team, Evolito is leading the electrification of the aerospace market from general aviation to manned and unmanned eVTOLs.


Upscale Partners came on board early in Evolito’s mission, with a remit to help build a world-class management team capable of propelling growth and achieving the company’s ambitions.

Scaleup timeline:

2021 - Evolito is spun out of YASA and officially launched.

2021 - Evolito begins working with Upscale Partners on building out the senior team.

2022 - Evolito acquires aerospace battery company, Electroflight.

2022 - Evolito moves into new state-of-the-art headquarters in Bicester, UK.

2023 - CAA approves Evolito as a Design Organisation.

To date, we have enabled Evolito to make seven key hires across the business.

2023 - VP Business Development: US

2023 - Chief Financial Officer

2023 - Head of Controller Engineering

2022 - Director of Operations

2022 - Head of IT

2022 - Director of Programme Management

2021 - Chief Engineer

“Our relationship with Upscale Partners has continued to grow through the spin-out and growth phases of Evolito, based purely on their performance. 

They were quick to understand our business needs and the culture of our organisation. 

I get excited when I meet candidates who are outstanding individuals with great skills and leadership qualities and who share our cultural values.

Upscale never fail to excite me:  they have been outstanding at identifying high-calibre candidates for critical roles within the organisation, helping us find and appoint seven members of our leadership team.”

Chris Harris, CEO, Evolito
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